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The Bitmain Antminer e7 ETC Miner

The Bitmain Antminer e7 ETC Miner

The Bitmain Antminer e7 is an 800 megahash 1300 watts 4gb Ethereum classic asic miner and it is now available in the US.  These machines were manufactured around March of 2021.  The entire machine is enclosed in heavy metal case weighing 65 pounds and measuring 21.5” x 26.50” x 4.66.”  They have 2 folding handles for carrying and transport.  They need one c13 power cord running 220v power and an ethernet cable plugged into them.  They are much quieter than something like a Bitmain s19.

They are asic miners containing 16 4gb chips.  4gb chips are projected to be able to mine Ethereum classic until September 2025.  To set them up you first log into them using their ip address.  You can download a free tool such as minerstat locator to obtain the ip address of the machine and then type the ip address into an internet browser like google chrome.  A window will pop up asking for a username and password which are both “root.”  From this dashboard you can program the machine to mine using your mining pool.

Maintaining Your Bitmain Antminer E7 Asic Miner

These machines are used around one year at this point.  There is some initial maintenance that is recommended in order to maintain the longevity of the miner.  You need to re-apply thermal paste to the chips.  On the miner dashboard in the browser you can see the temperatures of all of the chips.  Without thermal repasting you may see temperatures in the 80s and 90s on the chips which is too much.  Luckily the repasting is very easy.  There are 16 heat sinks that need to be unscrewed and underneath are 16 CPU looking single chips.  To reapply the paste you (1) unscrew the lid of the case, (2) unscrew the heat sinks, (3) clean the heatsink and the chips, (4) reapply your thermal paste, (5) screw on all the heatsinks, and (6) screw the lid back on.

Profit Potential of the Bitmain E7

In early 2022 Ethereum classic ETC narrowed the profit gab with Ethereum ETH.  These things mine at a pretty impressive clip considering the price that they can be obtained for.  They are stackable and don’t require a ton of power.  Nice little machines that are available to order now.  Click here for current pricing on the Antminer e7.



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