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Bitmain Antminer E7 USED

Ethereum Classic 800mh @ 1300w


Bitmain Antminer L7 9.05Gh NEW

Litecoin 9.05Gh


Bitmain Antminer S19 XP 140 Pre-Order July 2022

Bitcoin 140Th


Bitmain Antminer s19a Pro NEW

Bitcoin 110th


Bitmain Antminer S19a Pro USED

Bitcoin 110Th


Bitmain Antminer s19j Pro NEW

Bitcoin 96th


Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro NEW

Bitcoin 104Th @ 3068w


Bitmain APW7 Power Supply



Canaan Avalon 1166 Pro NEW

Bitcoin 81th


Canaan Avalon 1166/1246 OEM Power Supply



Canaan Avalon 1246 NEW

Bitcoin 85Th @ 3400w


Canaan Avalon 1246 NEW

Bitcoin 90Th @ 3400w


Goldshell KD Box PRO NEW

Kadena 2.6Th


Goldshell KD Lite Kadena

Kadena 16.2Th @ 1330w


Goldshell KD6 SE NEW

Kadena 25.30Th


Goldshell LT6 Pro NEW

Litecoin 2.45gh


iBeLink K1+ NEW

Kadena 15th


Innosilicon A11 NEW

Ethereum 1500mh


Innosilicon Whatsminer M31S+ NEW

Bitcoin 102th


Jasminer X4-1U NEW

Ethereum Classic 520mh @ 240w



Bitcoin 98Th


Nvidia CMP 90HX Video Card 10GB New

Ethereum 95mh @ 220w


Nvidia RTX A2000 Video Card Original Packaging 12GB NEW

Ethereum 42mh @ 63w


Octominer X12 Ultra GPU Mining Case NEW

Plug and Play GPU Rig


PCIe 1 to 4 16x USB Riser for GPU Mining



UpHere RGB Video Card Brace



USB 3.0 PCI Riser NEW 4 Pack