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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us and we will put together a quote of exactly the type, quantity, and condition of the machines you are looking for.  Use the contact us form or call us at 773-850-1831.

We accept usdt, bank wire, and cash.

The Avalon 1246 uses 3420 watts plus or minus 5%.  The Bitmain S19 uses anywhere from 2900 to 3300 watts plus or minus 5% depending on the specific s19 model.

The Avalon 1246 uses one c19 power cord per machine.  The Bitmain s19 uses two c13 power cords per machine.

Some miners come with a power cord however you will more than likley need to purchase a power cord separately to go with your specific electrical setup.

Bitmain has unveiled a new s19 model they called the s19 XP.  It hashes at 140Th/s.  Its release is scheduled for June to August 2022.  You can now place a pre-order of these machines.

There are several top bitcoin miners available, mainly the Avalon 1246 and the Bitmain s19.  However, what is “best” can depend on other factors such as electricity cost and electrical setup.

Yes you can.  We can offer discounts for bulk orders.

We source our machines directly from the manufacturers.

Yes. We can source any miner that is available on the market. Send us a message and let us know what you are looking for.

Depending on the manufacturer, new machines carry a 6-12 month manufacturer warranty. Used machines will sometimes still have part of the original manufacturer warranty remaining.

Delivery times vary depending on the type of miner and quanitity of your order.  Customs and airport delays can also influence delivery times.  Delivery times range from just a few days to 2-3 weeks.

We do not currently offer hosting but we do have some hosting solutions that we partner with and can help you locate suitable hosting for your machines.

Miners are relatively easy to setup.  They require a power cord and an ethernet cable.  Once plugged in you simply log into the machine dashboard and enter your mining pool setttings and the machine is off and running.

Most all of the latest mining machines require 220v power or the miner will be damaged.  There are a few miners on the market that use regular 110v power such as the Goldshell KD-Box which we do sell.

Each miner is designed to run one specific algorithm.  Bitcoin miners run the sha-256 algorithm for example.  A specific miner is able to mine any coin that uses the same algorithm.

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