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Asic Miner Hosting

Why would you have you miner hosted somewhere else?

Crypto miners come in all shapes, sizes, and types from asic miners to GPU mining equipment.  Some models like the Goldshell KD Box Pro are small, quiet, run on regular 110 volt power, and only use 230 watts of electricity.  You can put them almost anywhere.  The bigger asic miners like the Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro use only 220 volt power, are generally pretty loud, and produce a fair amount of heat.  With the amount of noise and heat you may not want to have these running inside your house even in a basement.  A garage or better yet a separate shed or other building is probably a more suitable place to run these.  They also use a lot more electricty around 3000 watts and depending on the kilowatt-hour rate that you pay at your place that can add up.  The average kilowatt-hour rate (kWh) in the US according to a google search “average residential electricity rate united states” is 13.72 cents per kWh.  States such as California at 23.58 per kWh and some states in the northest tend to skew this higher.  Most states in the western states, south, and midwest of the country pay between 7-12 cents per kWh.

For people who either dont have the space or have expensive electricity there is another option.  You can have your machines hosted at another location that specializes in running asic mining machines.

Asic Miner Hosting Facilities

At a hosting facility your miners run in another location that can provide the proper operating environment for your miners.  They have the available electricity, ventaliation, filtration, temperature, and secrurity.   You own the miners and you ship them to a mining facility.  Your machine runs in their facility and you get paid from the machine just as if it were at your place.

The Cost of Having your Miner Hosted

Hosting facilities charge you a monthly fee.  An example of a hosting fee might be you paying the facility 10 cents per kWh for what your machines actually use.  Or the arragement could include a kWh cost plus a small fee per machine per month like $50.  Hosting rates vary depending on factors such as the location of the facility, the number of miners you have hosted, or you have to sign a year contract or its month to month.  There might be a one time setup fee.  Dending on these factors it may actually cost less to have your machines hosted than at your own place.

There are facilities with space available that we can help you connect with if you send us a message.

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