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Jasminer x4-1u 520mh Asic Miner

A look at the Jasminer x4-1u 520mh Asic Miner

The Jasminer x4-1u consists of 5gb chips and achieves 520mh while only using an incredibly low 240 watts.  240 watts amounts to around 75 cents per day in electricity for most places in the United States.  The Jasminer 520mh is compatible with regular 110v outlets and also works with 220v.  It plugs in with a regular c13 computer cord.  The machines have a 6 month Jasminer manufacturer warranty.  They are flat and can be stacked on top of each other or fit into server racks.

These jasminers will allow you to mine Ethereum (eth) until roughly June 2022 with their 5 gigabyte chips.  After June 2022 the Ethereum dag file will increase beyond the ability of a 5gb chip to mine Ethereum and these machines will then have to switch to mining Ethereum classic (etc).

Initial Setup Part 1 – Pool and Wallet

If you are familiar with Ethereum mining and already have a pool and wallet that you use skip to Initial Setup Part 2 below.

If this is your first time mining then you need to choose a wallet and pool to use for your mining needs.

First select a pool.  The pool is what gives your miner work to do on the network and then allocates rewards to the machine based on its speed of mining.  I use the 2miners pool and there are others such as f2pool that are fine too.  2miners pays your Ethereum earnings in bitcoin so that you avoid the high Ethereum transaction costs.  The profits from your miner are then paid into you bitcoin wallet through the pool on a once a day basis.

Next select a wallet for your bitcoin to be stored in.  I use Mycelium which has a good phone app.

Initial Setup Part 2 – Programming the Jasminer

Once you have your pool and wallet selected setup of the machine is pretty quick.   You login to the machine from another computer using the asic’s ip address.  Then you plug in your pool credentials into the machine and click save.

  • Obtaining the IP address can be done by using the manufacturer’s ip reporter tool found at jasminer.com/firmware, then click “other” to download the ip management software. Run the software and it will report the miner’s IP address.
  • Once the IP address is obtained simply type the IP address into an internet browser such as google chrome or internet explorer. The username is “root” and the password is “root”
  • Once on the miner dashboard simply click on “Miner” on the left side and put in your pool address and worker settings and click “Update” at the bottom of the page.
    1. Example of pool settings for 2miners pool.
      1. URL: stratum+tcp://eth.2miners.com:2020
      2. Worker: 4DPrP1djaKgtuBCcEXiGGCDJozV8KvRRbg.loki

Note: It is NORMAL for the miner to display a 0.00 mh rate in the dashboard.  That is just the way they designed the machine.  To see the hash rate that the machine is producing check your average hash rate on your pool itself.  This miner will run at an average rate of 520mh for Ethereum.  Additionally, Jasminer designed this miner to take 30 minutes give or take from when you put in your pool settings until the miner will show as mining on your pool.  At about the 30 minute mark you will hear the fans kick on and the hashing has started.

To order and for any questions please message, email, or call us.  We are available.You login to the machine and the Jas click the miner tab in the upper left.  Punch in your wallet and pool setttings and your done.  Then you can use the pool website to monitor your machines mining and payouts to your wallet.

There isnt much on the machines once you set them up that needs to be done in terms of updates or maintenance.  Maybe occasionally spray the dust out of the fans.  These machines are built to last for years.


Initial Release Pre-Order spots are available now for $6,250.  Per Goldshell these units will leave the factory at the end of March 2022 and then delivery to you would be around 2 weeks.

To order and for any questions please message, email, or call us.  We are available.



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