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Goldshell KD Box Pro 2.6 Terahash Kadena Asic Miner

The New Goldshell KD Box PRO 2.6 Terahash Kadena Asic Miner

Just released from Goldshell around April 1st, 2022 the Goldshell KD Box Pro sees an increase of 62.5% in speed over the original KD Box and uses the 230 watts of power.  This is a good miner for a home or office and runs on a regular 110v outlet.  Essentially a simple computer, it consists of a chip and 2 fans in a small metal case.  It connects via a standard 6-pin vga connection.


The KD Box Pro has a 62.5% increase in hash rate over the original kd box out now, 2.6 terahash vs. 1.6 terahash.  This is a great miner for home or office use.  Lower power usage, regular wall outlet 110v, and quiet running can be placed anywhere.  Carries a 6 month Goldshell manufacturer warranty.  This machine as of publication date is making about $12.50 day or so and using around 90 cents in electricity per day.

Kadena Wallet and Pool

If this is your first time mining kadena then before you login to the machine you need to select a kadena wallet and pool to use for your kadenda mining needs.  First select a wallet to hold your kadena coin in.  There are various options for that.  I use zelcore myself, you can download the zelcore app and it produces a wallet address similar to a bitcoin address but specific to Kadena.  You could also use a wallet on an exchange to store your kadena such as Binance where you could then exchange or withdraw it.  After you have your wallet address you need to select a pool to use.  The pool is what gives your miner work to do on the network and then allocates rewards to the machine based on its speed of mining.  There are various choices depending on the type of coin you are minining.  For Kadena mining I recommend PoolFlare.


Similar to most asic miners setup is very simple.  You login to the machine from another computer using the asic’s ip address.  Then you plug in your pool crenditials into the machine and click save.

Goldshell has a convenient find my goldshell feature for determinng the machine’s ip address.  You login to the machine and click the miner tab in the upper left.  Punch in your wallet and pool setttings and your done.  Then you can use the pool website to monitor your machines mining and payouts to your wallet.

There isnt much on the machines once you set them up that needs to be done in terms of updates or maintenance.  Maybe occasionally spray the dust out of the fans.  These machines are built to last for years.


Initial Release Pre-Order spots are available now for $6,250.  Per Goldshell these units will leave the factory at the end of March 2022 and then delivery to you would be around 2 weeks.

To order and for any questions please message, email, or call us.  We are available.

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