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A Quick Overview of Avalon 1246 85Th Miner


Canaan Avalon 1246 NEW 85 Th/sThe Avalon 1246 85 Th/s is one of the best Bitcoin ASIC miners and offers top-notch efficiency at a high hash rate. Canaan’s Bitcoin miner is a perfect balance of efficiency and power in the ASIC landscape. Canaan states that Avalon 1246 85 Th/s miner can produce an 85 to 87 TH per second hash rate.

The Avalon 1246 85 Th/s miner comes with an innovative and robust new design. It is made up of alloy material that makes this ASIC machine highly convenient and flexible for placement during mining operations.

Durable Design

The body of Avalon 1246 weighs around 33 pounds with a build design that favors durability. In terms of flexibility, you can place the 1246 vertically and as well as horizontally during mining operations.  The power supply connects to your power source using a single c19 power cord.

Energy Efficiency

The high efficiency is one of the hallmarks of Avalon 1246. In comparison to Avalon 1146, there’s a 37% improvement in the energy efficiency of a new model.

Quick and Simple Deployment

Miners don’t need technical proficiency to deploy Avalon 1246. The plug-and-play mechanism of the machine is another reason why it’s one of the best ASICs. You just need to connect the 1246 with an available network and turn on the power to initiate the machine.

Integrated AI Chips

The controller of 1246 has dedicated built-in AI chips. You can pair the controller with your preferred operating system and it will automatically spot malicious viruses and help you avoid hash rate theft.

Mineable Coins

With the 1246 85T, Bitcoin Miners can mine SHA-256 coins like Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Curecoin, Acoin, Peercoin, Unbreakable, Terracoin, eMark, etc.

Easy Maintenance

Like the plug-and-play mechanism of the 1246, the maintenance is also seamless. After installation and deployment, you can count on flawless stability and a high hash rate. The Avalon 1246 is capable of being batched together through cluster software that makes overview and maintenance highly convenient.

Canaan AvalonMiner 1246: What Else?

Remember, 3420 Watts is the maximum amount of power consumption for Avalon 1246. The integrated design and slick features make the 1246 a reliable choice among all ASIC miners. The aluminum enclosure weighs just around 12.8Kg. In fact, many miners hail the impressive flexibility of Canaan Avalon 1246 that makes it easier to fit in a wide range of cabinet sizes.

The presence of four fans is an integral aspect of the Avalon 1246. It makes sure the machine runs at optimal capacity and dissipates produced heat out of the machine efficiently. With impressive heat dissipation, the Avalon 1246 also has incredible temperature resistance

The unique design of Avalon 1246 also prevents the accumulation of dust on the main dashboard that can lead to a short circuit. The fans serve as a self-protecting feature for workers from potential blade injuries like direct accidental contact.

The Verdict

When it comes to Bitcoin mining, the Avalon 1246 is a top-of-the-line ASIC miner in the market. The machine comes with an enclosure power supply and four fans that can dissipate heat out of the machine in an instant. The fan can support the 12 voltage with a direct 4.5A current. Like other ASIC miners, Avalon 1246 85TH consumes a lot of power but it also renders high profitability for miners. It is one of the reasons that make Avalon 1246 an excellent choice for Bitcoin mining.

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